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Vintage style portrait of Na'ilah

Bellydance Central Director - Dancing from the age of three in many of the more conventional disciplins of dance including ballet, modern, jazz, tap and acrobatics, in her teens, Na’ilah was introduced to the world of contemporary dance. She performed with STEPS Youth Dance Company where she worked with dancers and choreographers from the West Australian Ballet Company, 2 Dance Plus, Chrissie Parrot’s Dance Collective and Ruth Osborne.

Being the daughter of prominent Australian instructor Shaheena, Na’ilah was bellydancing from a young age. After an extended period working overseas, she returned to teach at Bellydance Central and perform with the Mystique Dance Company. Drawing from a diverse background, Na’ilah is known for her original, intricate choreographies and challenging technique, as well as her passion for teaching.

Since 2009, Na’ilah has been collaborating with Nanda on their “Vintage Bellydance” series. Based on their own unique combination of skills and experience, Nanda and Na’ilah find inspiration from the dancers of the Egyptian Golden Era of film, creating timeless, theatrical choreographies for stage.


Nanda with cane

Nanda is a teacher and choreographer based out of Bellydance Central studio in Perth WA, and performs as part of the Mystique Dance Company. Bellydancing for over 20yrs, Nanda has been fortunate enough to have studied with many of the greats of Oriental dance during that time with some of her most significant dance influences being Aida Nour, Farida Fahmy, Dr Mo Gedawi and Shareen al Safy.

Her main inspiration though, has been her mother Shaheena who has mentored her as a dancer, as a teacher and in the business of bellydance for her entire dance life. Nanda has been teaching bellydance for over 15yrs, specializing in all things Egyptian, from rural and urban expressions to raqs sharqi and theatrical styles, and is also the co-creator and co-choreographer of the popular Vintage Bellydance Series along with her sister Na’ilah.


Shaheena dancing with a veil

Shaheena (Angela Irwin B Sc. Dip ED), based in Perth and founder of Bellydance Central, is one of Australia’s most outstanding Middle Eastern dance researchers and instructors.

Performer, teacher, choreographer, author, event manager, Turkey tour leader and former organiser of WAMED Festival, Shaheena has over 30 years experience in the study of the cultures and dances of the near, far and middle east. Shaheena has become a sought after teacher of teachers, instructing and performing internationally and throughout Australia.

An energetic and joyful performer, Shaheena started her dance journey over two decades ago, under the tutelage of the woman who pioneered bellydance in Western Australia; Egyptian dance artist Yasmine.

Passionate about the importance of learning about this dance and its cultures of origin from the source, Shaheena has worked with a variety of international dance masters through workshops, classes and intensive courses, as well as regular travel and research studies in Egypt and Turkey and Morocco.

Incorporating her extensive experience and training into the creation of a multi-faceted dance learning experience her focus is to continue as a student of the dance art, and to promote and seek excellence in both teaching and performance.


Rachel Randall the birth lady doing vintage bellydance

Rachel has been supporting women in the field of birth for over 10 years. Originally trained in England, she is an experienced birth doula, working with women and their families from pre-conception into the early years of motherhood.

Extremely passionate and dedicated to belly dance, she has developed Birth Dancing classes, studying with teachers from across the world and researching the fascinating connections linking birth and traditional oriental dance movements.

Rachel has also studied pre- and post-natal fitness and brings birthing wisdom together with dance to create a unique method of birth preparation and post-natal recovery. She also teaches workshops and seminars for pregnant and new mums, dancers, teachers and midwives.

Find out more about Rachel at The Birth Lady website.

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