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WAMED 2013 - Diamond Sky East

WAMED East dvd cover

Enjoy Ozgen and his 'One Night in Istanbul' project, Mystique Dance Company performing a Turkish Roman choreographed by Ozgen and many more talented Australian and international dancers

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WAMED 2013 - Diamond Sky West

WAMED West dvd cover

Nanda and Na'ilah debut their 70s Classic Baladi choreography, sharing the stage with many national and international stars including Perth's own Rose, Tamalyn Dalal from the US, Tribalfest 2014 instructor Ma'isah and so many more.

Special thanks to for the use of the music used in the 70s Baladi. Pop over and visit for great global bellydance music, dvd, costumes, and accessories offerings.

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Vintage Bellydance - Nanda & Na'ilah

Vintage Melaya - Nanda & Na'ilah

70's Bellydance - Na'ilah and the Mystique Dance Company