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Classes FAQs

What is Bellydance?

"Bellydance" is an umbrella term used to describe many of the dances from the near, far and middle east even though in the countries of origin these dances have their own specific names and forms. Bellydance as we understand it here in the west is based on a social dance form done by men, women, kids and grandparents, that may be performed at home or on stage. These dances typically incorporate the particular style of torso articulation, shimmies and undulations common to those regions and that we commonly associate with what we call "bellydance".

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Who can do it?

Bellydance classes are open to people of all ages, physicality and gender who have reasonable mobility, an interest in bellydance, a love of music and a willingness to try something new.

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What styles of bellydance do you teach?

Mystique prides itself on the diversity of education available at our academy and is one of the few places in Australia where you can learn authentic Turkish Roman dancing. We provide extensive tuition in technique and musicality with an emphasis on cultural context.

We cover styles ranging from Egyptian oriental and folkloric to Turkish oriental, Roman and kashlimar, as well as various folk styles from all over the Middle East including dances from Morocco, Arab Gulf and Tunisia. We also provide tutition in modern Australian interpretations and the unique Mystique Gypsy Tribal style of bellydance.

We incorporate the playing of 'Zills' or 'Sagat' (finger cymbals) into most classes and offer classes that utilise props such as veil, canes, shamadan, swords and wings.

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What is the dance studio like?

The Bellydance Central studio is a comfortable, Moroccan themed private studio with an architechually designed fully sprung safe dance floor, air-conditioning, plenty of seating, chillout room with tv and dvd player, kitchenette and ablution facilities.

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What do I wear and bring?

For bellydance class we recommend comfortable clothing that dosen't restrict movement. Clothing such as exercise pants, shorts, loose skirts or leggings along with a singlet, crop-top, leotard or t-shirt are fine. Bare feet or dance shoes are recommended, no street shoes please.

Bringing a water bottle and sweat towel to class is also advisable.

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Can I try a class before I enroll?

At the beginning of each term we have the Mystique Open Night at the studio which offers free mini workshops and performances so you can try a class and see some dancing before you book.

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How do I enroll?

Instructions on how to enroll in a class at Mystique Academy are avaiable at our class timetables page.

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How can I pay?

All classes are structured on a term system and payment if required up front for the full term. Payment can be made by credit card, EFT, cheque, money order or cash on open night.

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